The Orbs Federation

The Orbs network is envisioned as a community of ecosystem partners. This collection of organizations and companies is aligned as independent but equal members of a federation.

The nodes in the network are members of the federation and aligned in the goal to operate under a decentralized governance model.

The primary roles of members in the Orbs federation include:

  • Operating consensus nodes in the network and actively participating in the consensus process.
  • Contributing to the Orbs open source codebase and evolving the system over time as new requirements come to light.
  • Providing decentralized governance for the platform such as reaching consensus over core updates to the protocol.

Why become a federation member?

Federation members are part of a major blockchain project and a disruptive technology used by high profile customers.

Members of the Orbs federations benefit from:

  • The federation will be made up of leading companies in the industry, offering many opportunities for collaboration.
  • Acquaintance to new technologies, collaborations and investment opportunities.
  • The company can develop and provide its business solutions to other federation members and users of the Orbs blockchain.
  • Knowledge transfer between the federation participants.
  • Orbs will provide an expertise and advice to collaborating companies in all relevant technology aspects.
  • Opportunities for involvement in the Orbs community of users and developers as well as the greater respective blockchain communities.
  • Implementation of company’s services on the Orbs blockchain, sending transactions to.
  • Orbs directly without involvement of any third parties.
  • Better control and awareness of the trust nodes.
  • Involved in the decision-making process for consensus operation as a part of their involvement in the federation.
  • Stable income from Orbs blockchain fees.

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