Design Partners & Clients

Orbs is initially designed with the input of its clients, ensuring our blockchain has the features necessary to launch industry-changing apps.

Zinc is powered by ironSource, an adtech company with a global reach of over 1.5 Billion users and an SDK integrated into more than 70K apps.

PumaPay’s launch partnerships include businesses with hundreds of millions of users and processing billions of dollars worth of payments.

Endor.coin is based on the science of Social Physics developed at MIT by the project’s co-founders.

Atomic is building the future protocol for exchanges, e-Commerce sites and point-of-sale solutions.

DX.Exchange is built on Nasdaq’s matching technology, allowing the purchase, trade and conversion of cryptocurrencies and fiat.

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Nodes – Federation Partners

The Orbs federation is a community of ecosystem participants, primarily comprised of organizations within our target audience – decentralized consumer businesses and brands transitioning into blockchain. For example, organizations like PumaPay, Zinc or Kin and companies like ironSource and Kik Interactive.

The primary roles of members in the Orbs federation include:

  • Operating consensus nodes and actively participating in the consensus process.
  • Contributing to the open source development of Orbs and evolving the platform over time as their own requirements come to light.
  • Providing decentralized governance such as reaching consensus over core updates to the protocol.

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Hexa Labs – Your Partner

Hexa Labs

Hexa Labs is a decentralized solutions provider and consultancy, and Orbs’ business arm.

Hexa Labs helps companies that are seeking their next phase of growth through blockchain technologies. Their clients include 3 of the top 10 ICOs of 2017 as well as established companies and startups building products that offer real value to the market.

Services include everything from product conception through development and go-to-market strategy.

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